52.00 Hours Required

Since Gutenberg first perfected movable type in the 15th century, the basic tools and techniques of graphic arts and publishing evolved slowly over the centuries. In the 1980s, however, the introduction of postscript printers, teamed with personal computers and new art and layout software applications, revolutionized the industry.

Today, publishing professionals are expected to combine skills in a variety of software applications with traditional design and publishing knowledge. This Chancellor's Certificate is for illustrators, designers, art directors, editors, desktop publishers, and others responsible for producing layout and artwork ready to be distributed through a conventional printing process or electronically via the Web.

You'll learn:

  • Practical skills in the three major areas of publication production: desktop publishing, graphics, and image editing.
  • An understanding of that available software tools and their role in the production process.
  • How to use the desktop publishing and graphics packages required by area employers.
  • How to bring your knowledge of traditional design methods into the world of computer technology.

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