Course Description

Learn to effectively manage a relational database system and work with multiple tables simultaneously. Discover how to identify items to be stored in a database, establish relationships between the items, and group the items in the appropriate tables. Topics include linking database tables, generating reports from multiple tables, querying multiple tables, and updating tables. Strong emphasis will be placed on effective database design and deciding how to structure tables within the database.

In this course, you will learn about: 

  • Understanding and applying rules for designing databases. 

  • Creating global relationships between two or more tables. 

  • Designing queries to extract data from multiple tables. 

  • Designing effective reports to show detail data and summary information from related tables. 

  • Understanding the types of joins and how to use them to extract the data you need. 

  • Creating flat forms and main/subforms to view and enter data from related tables. 

  • Updating one table by using information from a related table (for example, subtracting quantity sold from an inventory table). 

  • Splitting an Access database into a front-end that includes queries, forms, and reports and a back-end that includes your raw table data. 


Intermediate Applications of Access or equivalent experience.

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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