45.50 Hours Required

Our certificate courses cover a wide range of topics and dozens of Excel techniques, from basic spreadsheet design concepts to advanced training in formulas and macros. The certificate's three areas - core classes, Data Analysis and Visualization, and electives - cover the basic Excel features. The choice of courses in each category lets you take those that apply to your experience level and job category. Together, these courses will allow you to use Excel to its full potential and make you more effective in setting up, formatting, and analyzing your data.

You can learn the valuable skills that will help you:

  • Save time by learning to properly set up and format spreadsheets, using effective design techniques. Beginning with a well-designed spreadsheet means easier data entry and fewer entry errors.
  • Add visual impact to your data through charts and PivotTables. Take a spreadsheet full of numbers and convert it to easy-to-understand graphs and summary tables to share with others through reports or presentations.
  • Learn formulas and built-in functions to quickly calculate your data and perform statistical analysis.
  • Get an overview of your company's finances by combining multiple lists or tables from different departments into one consolidated table. Have Excel calculate the tables, creating a summary table.
  • Increase your efficiency by creating macros to automate processes.

Additional Details

Certificate of Completion Application

Excel Certificate
When you are nearing completion of the courses in this certificate program, submit an application to receive your certificate of completion. There is a nonrefundable fee of $25 which covers processing, recordkeeping and certificate costs. Once you have applied, you can review progress towards the certificate in your Student Portal.
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