78.00 Hours Required


As society grows to depend increasingly on having accurate and current information available, organizations must be able to organize, retrieve, and interpret this information. This Chancellor's Certificate program provides you with an understanding of database technology and database design, development, and implementation. You'll learn to set up databases while mastering SQL queries to interact with these databases.

You'll learn to:

  • Use proven design techniques to develop effective relational databases.
  • Design queries to retrieve meaningful information.
  • Understand client-server systems and SQL commands.
  • Develop reports to make sense of your data.
  • Optimize the functions of a database for everyday operations.

How to Enroll

  • Enroll online. The online Certificate Registration Code is CT806-X9006 for the Database Technology Certificate.
  • Call 314-984-9000 or email enroll@cetc.umsl.edu for information on how to enroll.

Note: You will receive CEUs for successful completion of each certificate class. The hours you complete in these classes can also be applied toward the 96-hour Chancellor's Certificate on the Computer.

Additional Details

Certificate of Completion Application

Database Technology Certificate

Once you complete your coursework, select Submit Application to request your certificate of completion. There is a nonrefundable fee of $25 which covers processing, recordkeeping and certificate costs. Upon receipt of the application and fee, we will send a confirmation and a Notification of Completion form. Use this form to keep track of classes you're taking toward your certificate. When you complete your last class, return the Notification form.

We will verify successful completion of all requirements and send you the the Chancellor's Certificate in Database Technology.

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