58.50 Hours Required


The growth of the Internet created an explosion of Web pages - both business and personal. With the need for updates and Web site redesigns, there is a continuing demand for professionals skilled in designing, developing, maintaining, and customizing Web pages.

This Chancellor's Certificate program will provide you with the tools you need to create attractive and effective Web pages and understand modern web design.

You'll learn to:

  • Create consistent page designs throughout your site using a Web design program's style sheets and templates.
  • Use your knowledge of HTML and CSS code to quickly tweak your page design, even if you're using a GUI program or content management system to create your site.
  • Optimize images to improve your page design.
  • Use scripting to create interactivity and create special effects such as slideshows, rollover buttons, and navigation menu bars.
  • Understand the principles of responsive design and how to make your page viewable and attractive on all devices and screen sizes.

Course Requirements

  • HTML - Minimum of 13 hours
  • Web Page Design - Required 6.5 hours
  • Web Page Design - Minimum of 13 hours
  • Web Interactivity - Minimum of 6.5 hours
  • Electives - Complete 19.5 hours from the courses listed or any classes list in the HTML, Web Page Design, or Web Interactivity that have not been applied to the category requirements. 

Note: You will receive CEUs for successful completion of each certificate class. The hours you complete in these classes can also be applied toward the 96-hour Chancellor's Certificate on the Computer.

Additional Details

Certificate of Completion Application

Web Design Certificate

When you are nearing completion of the courses in this certificate program, submit an application to receive your certificate of completion. There is a nonrefundable fee of $25 which covers processing, recordkeeping and certificate costs. Once you have applied, you can review progress towards the certificate in your Student Portal.

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